Black Mamba BLK - Glass Filter for Mouthpiece

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Black Mamba Glass Insert

The Black Mamba vaporizer uses a glass insert in the mouthpiece to give optimum flavour but eventually, this part will pick up residue and start to lose that awesome taste. When that happens, grab one of these and replace the original and get back to that amazing flavour you had when it was brand new.

  • The glass insert fits the mouthpiece for the genuine Black Mamba (BLK) Vaporizer by Kingtons - it may not fit clone devices.
  • Glass should be pushed gently into the Black Mamba mouthpiece to avoid breakage.
  • Price is for one Glass filter - plastic mouthpiece and/or Black Mamba body are NOT included and photos are for illustrative purposes only.
  • No nicotine or tobacco is supplied with this part and it is not for use with nicotine or tobacco, or with devices for nicotine or tobacco

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