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Spirit by Storm Vaporizer UK

Posted on 30th July 2018

When it comes to purchasing the latest vapes, we’ve got you covered. Vapes Of Wrath offer high-quality products for all your vaping needs. If you require the Spirit by Storm Vaporizer in the UK ,look no further.

We offer the latest in vape products to customers across the country. We understand that you’re looking for top-tier vaping products that are trusted and supplied by a reliable service.

The Spirit by Storm Vaporizer offers more to the traditional vaping experience. Here are just some of the reasons why this vape makes for the perfect product;

  • 1-240°C temperature controlControl how you vape your chosen herbs, concentrates and resins with various temperatures; what’s more, this little device comes with a LCD digital temperature readout, meaning you can easily make sure you have the right temperature running while you vape.
  • 90 minutes worth of vaping time: The longer the vaping time, the less you have to worry about quickly recharging the device. This particular vape comes with nearly double the power of the original Storm, allowing you to experience the current hit as much as possible.
  • Brilliant tech on a more affordable product: This vape has great potential for those who want something new, but not at the luxury price.  With this vape you can enjoy such features as the Ceramic Zirconia mouthpiece and filter, designed to reduce the amount of heat from the vapour before you inhale.

You can make a purchase via our website or find out more by contacting our team directly today.