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Why Choose The DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

Posted on 26th October 2018

We all want to upgrade our vape to give us the best possible chance of producing the taste, hit and clouds that we love. There are many ways to influence this through experiment, but most of it comes down to investing in a vaporiser that works to produce the style of vaping that you enjoy. At Vapes of Wrath we have an ever-updating selection of vaping products which are perfectly designed to help you upgrade your vape.

One of those products is the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer which come packed full of exciting features. If you would like to discover how those features can influence your vaping experience, here are three reasons to choose this as your new vaporiser:

  • Available in four colours: Admit it, we all want our vape to look the part. There is a reason why vaping companies create different colours for their customers and you can choose from four beautiful shades with the DaVinci IQ
  • Three control modes: To give you the ultimate control over the type of vaping that you want to do at a certain point, you will want control. The three modes of Precision Temperature, SMART Mode and Boost Mode are ideal for a range of settings.
  • A phone app that works: A Bluetooth app that allows you to customise your experience with a vast array of in-depth services, you can adjust your vape to suit any specific requirements.

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