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Vapes of Wrath are proud to bring you one of the most stunning, best performing hand-held Dry Herb/Concentrates vaporizers ever made. The futuristic and high performance Ghost MV1.

The MV1 has been designed and engineered entirely from the ground up using only custom designed, tooled and manufactured components. The use  of medical grade materials and proprietary technology have resulted in a product that delivers a truly revolutionary vaping experience. The MV1 distributes heat evenly thanks to an innovative diffuser. This means no charring of material and no need to stir in-between vapes. The even distribution of heat also provides excellence in purity for the duration of every session, retaining all the flavours of your favourite herbs, with zero taste distortion. With the GHOST MV1 you will actually taste what you smell.

On-Demand Heating

Thanks to its advanced patented Heat Exchanger, The MV1 can go from a standing start to your selected temperature in a matter of seconds while holding it there precisely for the longest of vapes. This On-Demand technology ensures that the removable crucible remains cool between vapes, preventing material degradation and allowing for multiple sessions.
Power Efficiency
The high capacity removable battery pack provides massive power, safely and efficiently thanks to its own dedicated circuit board. The revolutionary heat exchanger and heat sink work together to make the MV1 more efficient than conventional products. Maximising efficiency and reducing overall power consumption, further increases the battery life between charges.

Exceptional Purity

The exclusive use of medical and food grade materials, combined with true convection and our proprietary heat sink, delivers cool vapour of the highest purity every session.

Quality Redefined

The MV1's design is truly focused on user enjoyment and comfort. Ergonomically designed to nestle comfortably within your hand, our lightweight alloy chassis, available in multiple finishes, combined with the tactile outer casing, soft touch activation button and haptic feedback allows for a pleasurable experience with real ease of use.

Temperature Control with the Ghost App

The MV1 comes with 4 default temperature settings on the device (3 settings for herb and 1 for concentrates/ extracts). But with the GHOST app you'll open up the additional temperature controls to enhance and tailor your vaping experience. 2 favourite settings allow full control and flexibility of temperature for both herbs and concentrates. Change the temperature in between vapes and then save your ideal settings.

Lock My Vape

Secure your device from the App in the event that you misplace, leave it behind or lose it and you can't track it down with the 'Find My Vape' feature. Just log into your account to lock or unlock the device, safe in the knowledge that no-one will be able to use your MV1 without your say-so.


  • Solid alloy body and heat sink with retractable glass mouthpiece stem

  • Removable ceramic herb chamber (crucible) with stainless steel lid

  • No plastics or electronics in vapour path

  • Long-lasting battery pack (the size of dual-18650's)

  • Haptic feedback (vibration alerts)

  • Bluetooth connectivity for App usage and firmware updates

  • 6 built-in temperature settings, 2 of them customizable with the App

  • 5 heat levels are designed for dry herb, and heat level 6 is specifically made for use with concentrates

  • Fast Charger accessory available to cut down charge time to ~2 hours

  • *2-year base warranty through the manufacturer extended to a 5-year warranty when you download the App and register your vape. Full warranty details are available on the Ghost Vapes website.


  • MV1 vaporizer w/ battery pack, mouthpiece and crucible pre-installed

  • Quick Start Guide pamphlet

  • Micro-USB cable

  • Accessories kit which includes a second crucible and lid, a stainless mesh concentrate pad, 3 cleaning picks and cotton swabs, and 3 iso wipes.

  • **Limited Time Offer - Free great quality and EXCLUSIVE 40mm Vapes of Wrath 4 part metal grinder! This is not a cheap plastic grinder and is individually boxed and etched with our logo. Grinder colour will be random unless specified. Please let us know if you have a preference on colour. We currently have Green, Black, Blue, Silver or Gunmetal.**

    Not for use with e-liquids

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