herbalAire Vaporizer - Massive reduction in price - Just £100 for one of the most efficient vapes in the world!

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The herbalAire H2.2 Aromatherapy Diffuser 

Dubbed "The Mini Volcano" the herbalAire is probably the most versatile and economical vaporizer in the world: Direct Inhalation, bag fill or whip, it will squeeze every last bit from your botanicals.

This is the bargain of the year - don't miss out!. The herbalAire is one of the best vaporizers available (it was invented by the guy who invented Magic Eye pictures, strangely enough). It is one of the few vapes where a grinder is unnecessary, in fact, it works better without the herbs being ground. The price has been so dramatically reduced for a limited time only. The device is fitted with an EU plug, but we will supply an adapter for UK users. 


  • Easy set-up and cleans up in seconds 
  • Full temperature control 120°C-200°C Extreme 
  • Efficiency - The only vaporizer with Espresso-Mode Vaporization 
  • The herbalAire requires absolutely no grinding, on the contrary, when used in “espresso mode” the herbalAire can be packed solid, extracting essence molecules throughout the entire block of material. 
  • In tests, the herbalAire was found to extract far more active ingredient from your herbs than any other vape. If you put material that has been "spent" in another vaporizer into the herbalAire, you can get another two full bags of vapour (using the balloon system).