Xmax QOMO Portable Micro E-Rig Dabber

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Xmax QOMO Portable Micro E-Rig Dabber

XMAX QOMO is a powerful and dynamic wax vaporizer from Xmax. The vaporizer has three heat settings for a personalized vaping experience. It also has a one-button operation feature with which you can toggle between different settings such as temperature change and voltage change. The LED indicators will help with identifying different device settings during usage by showing different colours.

This device also comes in a ceramic heating chamber which is known to always help with flavour retention. Additionally, to pack up even more flavour, the X-Max Qomo has a glass bubbler which aids in making the vapour cool and smooth for a flavourful vaping experience.

Powered by a 1350mAh battery capacity, the X-Max Qomo wax vaporizer is one of the most powerful small dabber vapes on the market. It heats up in just 10 seconds so you can enjoy your vaping sessions on the go. The chamber is heated through conduction which makes the heating time shorter than most vaporizers. The voltage range of 3.3V to 4.2V also makes for a wider vaping experience to suit different user preferences.

With the one-button operation, the X-Max Qomo proves to be a user-friendly device. One distinctive feature of the X-Max Qomo is the sharing enabled feature. Pressing the button once initiates a 20-second continuous vaporization enabling more than one user to share a vaping session.


Output voltage range of 3.3V to 4.2V; 
10 seconds heat up time; Highly portable; 
Ceramic heating chamber; Glass bubbler; 
Dimensions: 50×29.6×127mm; 
Temperature range of 280ºC to 350ºC; 
LED indicators; 
One button operation; 
Colour: Black 

Package contents: 

1 X-Max Qomo wax vaporizer; 
1 x USB-C charging cable; 
1 x User manual; 
1 x gift box.